The costs to successfully elect Jessica Resnick-Ault and Jim Dugan to the Scarsdale School Board ran higher than a typical year given the highly contested election from two challengers.  We kindly ask for contributions in any amount to help defray campaign overages.  Expenses included paid social media ads, print mailers & yard signs.  Please click the Donate Now button below which will direct you to the CSS donation page.  CSS has served as the campaign vehicle in support of Jim and Jessica. 
Thank you again for all your support. 

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School Board Nominating Committee Announces Two School Board Candidates

SBNC Statement from Nikki Hahn, 2021 SBNC Chair and Kerry Hayes, 2021 SBNC Vice-Chair

As the 2021 School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC) has completed its nomination of Jessica Resnick-Ault and Jim Dugan for election to the Scarsdale Board of Education, we thank all members of the SBNC for their time, thoughtfulness, and diligence in performing this important civic responsibility. We also thank all of the applicants. Scarsdale benefits when so many talented citizens are willing to present themselves to the SBNC each year, as well as from the efforts of an engaged SBNC.

Our community created the SBNC to nominate school board candidates who will work to maintain and enhance the quality of education provided by the Scarsdale schools. This year the SBNC was composed of 28 voting members (elected from each of the five elementary school areas) and one non-voting member. Pursuant to its governing resolution, the SBNC judges and selects candidates “solely on their qualifications to serve the community.”
If elected to the school board in May, Jessica and Jim will assume their roles on the School Board for three-year terms effective July 1. The SBNC is grateful to the talented and engaged citizens who were willing to put themselves forward to serve on the Board of Education. All current voting members of SBNC will sign the nominating petitions and submit to the district.



Ron Shulhof

...the most effective leaders are those that speak even when it is not easy, approach issues with an open mind, and are transparent with the community...They foster an open dialogue, even when there is disagreement, to ensure there is constructive engagement with all stakeholders...I believe Jessica and Jim embody these qualities. 

Valerie Phillips &

Mauri Zemachson

As elected members of the SBNC, we proudly stand by the thoughtful work of our committee. So convinced are we of Jessica’s and Jim’s qualifications that we are delighted to announce our commitment...

Melissa Brown Subin

I endorse SBNC nominee Jessica Resnick-Ault for the Board of Education because of her incredible positivity, commitment to education, listening skills, and ability to look at the long-term...

Jim Hallowell

Jim understands instinctively the importance of collaboration on a governing board. He is an innate listener and has shown time and again the patience and skill to bring together competing constituencies... 

Diane Greenwald

I enthusiastically support Jessica and Jim as a dynamic slate. Jessica, a journalist, and Jim, a litigator, each bring valuable professional abilities to the board. They can frame problems; seek and research input; navigate opposing views; develop thoughtful positions; and persuasively communicate rationales. Their collective experience seems tailor-made for the moment.