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Resnick-Ault’s energy, work ethic would benefit school board

Scarsdale Inquirer May 2, 2021


I write in support of Jessica Resnick-Ault’s candidacy for the school board. I have lived in Scarsdale for 10 years, and have known Jessica since our daughters began kindergarten together. For those who do not know her, I wanted to provide a bit of background on Jessica’s talents, energy and commitment to bringing out the best in the community.

Jessica has worked full time since moving to Scarsdale. Thus, she has balanced caring for her daughter with her career, as well as managing the care and treatment of her late husband Pete as his health declined several years ago.

As many of us know, pursuing a career while caring for family is a juggling act. Jessica has excelled on both fronts. Her daughter Helen is bright, caring and imaginative. Her talents include playing the clarinet, singing and running. Jessica stays abreast of community activities, not just for Helen’s sake, but also to encourage others to learn about and benefit from Scarsdale’s many offerings.

While coordinating her family’s activities, Jessica also has excelled as a journalist and editor at Reuters, and has been asked to appear on programs including PBS’s NewsHour. Jessica also co-authored a biography a few years ago. I remember being invited to her book party, and thinking that the book must have written itself given her many other responsibilities. In short, Jessica has the energy, intelligence and work ethic to be a valuable member of the school board.

At the same time, Jessica’s focus has never been limited to her own success or that of her family. Her volunteerism includes teaching at the Young Writers’ Workshop to foster a love of writing, service as a class parent and membership in the Junior League to serve broader communities, including Eastchester and White Plains. Jessica’s family has fostered programs to educate children about living with disabilities, including having Pete come in to speak with elementary school students about Duchenne muscular dystrophy. More recently, during COVID, when many of our worlds grew smaller, Jessica’s expanded. She championed Bake Back America, channeling the community’s talents, resources and energy. Her home is a hub of activity, repurposing clothing, toys, furniture and instruments to benefit many others less fortunate.

This past year has been difficult for so many. Education has understandably become a hot button issue, with families and the school board having to make difficult decisions based on incomplete, evolving information. My family charted a more conservative course than many, choosing virtual classes for two semesters while we tried to form a better understanding of the risks posed by COVID. However, whatever any family’s circumstances might be, we all benefit from representatives who are thoughtful listeners, good communicators, tireless workers and able to appreciate how decisions will impact our diverse community’s members. Jessica possesses all of those qualities. She would serve with distinction.


Taunton Road

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