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Scarsdale Inquirer April 26, 2021

Jessica and Jim are bright, hard-working and ready to serve


Letter to the Editor--

I strongly endorse Jessica Resnick-Ault and Jim Dugan for the Board of Education. I also would like to express my gratitude to the volunteers on the SBNC who gave their time, energy and experience to nominate Jessica and Jim as the two best candidates. Nominating committees consider all of the characteristics of every applicant, including experience, and the SBNC chose Jim and Jessica. That says a lot to me and I hope it speaks to the community about how strong Jim and Jessica are as candidates.

Jessica is bright, hard-working and has the background and skills to be a valuable member of the Board of Education. Her career as a journalist provides ideal communications experience for this position. She has the skills to synthesize complex ideas and present them succinctly and clearly. Despite single-parenting and working full-time she has also made time to give back to the community through her extensive volunteerism in our schools and with Bake Back America. She also has an acute awareness and experience with those who have special needs and physical disabilities through personal familial experiences. She is an exemplary candidate in every way.

Jim is smart, hard-working, and committed to our children’s education. He is also a great communicator – which is so important given the expressed need for clarity and transparency that we have heard over and over from the community. He will find solutions, express them clearly to the community, and get things done. We need someone like Jim right now! He is level-headed and thoughtful – a true consensus builder. He also doesn’t just talk about problems – he faces them with solutions. He does this as part of his work every day as an attorney and he can now bring his intelligence, and calm and collaborative nature to the Board of Education for the benefit of our school community.

This has been a year like no other, but difficult times give people an opportunity to shine. Our teachers, children and community have found ways to support each other and illuminate our best selves. In times of challenge, we see the mettle of our leaders – hardship shines a light on them. Our elected SBNC members have nominated Jessica and Jim, two outstanding candidates who will make their voices heard in support of the best education for our children, and I urge you to vote for them on May 18 for our Board of Education.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Sterling

Brayton Road

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