Seema Jaggi and Mike Daniel

Updated: May 7, 2021

Scarsdale Inquirer April 19, 2021

Support for ‘fully motivated, competent’ SBNC candidates


To the Editor:

Scarsdale’s nonpartisan system to elect school board members has served us well over many decades with a nomination process that is detailed and deliberative. The School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC) brings together thirty members of the community to cooperatively put forward a slate of candidates to fill vacancies on the school board. This unique nomination process serves two purposes. One, it expands the pool of candidates beyond those community members who relish a political campaign and taps the talents of a broad set of civic minded and intellectually curious individuals. Two, the process ensures that school board elections are more than popularity contests won by the candidates with the most name recognition. Candidates are thoroughly interviewed and selected based on their qualifications and interest in improving the school system. This vetting of the slate, reached by consensus among the thirty members of the nominating board, ensures the citizens of Scarsdale have fully motivated and competent future board members.

This year is no exception. Jim Dugan and Jessica Resnick-Ault are accomplished and thoughtful professionals who are offering their attention and expertise to serve the Scarsdale School District. Jim Dugan’s many years as a litigator make him an ideal candidate to weigh competing interests and his calm demeanor helps to bring others to consensus. As former neighbors, we witnessed his community engagement as president of the Overhill Neighborhood Association, as well as on the Citizens Nominating Committee (CNC) and the Coalition for Scarsdale Schools. Jim has also worked with his firm's Pro Bono Committee and the Innocence Project. He holds these many faceted commitments and still finds time to be an active and engaged parent to his three daughters. Jessica Resnick-Ault would also be an ideal member of the board, with her background as a journalist and her commitment to so many civic causes. Jessica brings a keen intellect and a journalistic knack for asking insightful questions to every conversation. She is most recognized around Scarsdale for her efforts with Bake Back America, but she has also been involved with numerous Edgewood PTA committees. She brings a tremendous amount of energy to each of her professional and charitable ventures while balancing her responsibilities as a single parent. Together Jim and Jessica will complement our current school board members as they grapple with the challenges that lay ahead. We urge you to join us in voting for the slate of Jim Dugan and Jessica Resnick-Ault put forward by the SBNC.

Seema Jaggi and Mike Daniel 14 Overhill Road

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