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Updated: May 7, 2021

Scarsdale Inquirer April 11, 2021

Trashing’ SBNC undermines Scarsdale’s nonpartisan process


I have served on the SBNC and I have been contributing to its functions for five years. I have seen from the inside how the process works, I have taken part in the deliberations about the qualifications of highly qualified candidates who didn’t mind throwing their hat in front of the committee to get its vote and serve the community, and I have voted for candidates I thought were the best qualified to serve on the school board. That’s a political process by design. At the SBNC we don’t “punish” candidates for any particular reason by the way we vote. I have no idea what goes through the minds of the rest of the committee’s members when they cast their vote for their preferred candidate at each round of voting. I can only speak for myself. But it’s always been the case, in every round of voting that takes place, that the candidates who get the highest number of votes in the room are the ones that make up the SBNC slate in the end. There is no coordinated voting against any particular candidate, based on some implied vendetta or because of some nefarious reason. It’s fine if you don’t like the SBNC’s chosen candidates in any given year. It’s absolutely fine to disagree and voice your opinion publicly about who you think is the better candidate, based on qualifications, years of service, performance or any other merit you think is important for a school board seat. That’s really the essence of the political process. Whatever choice you might make about who you think your own “best” candidate is, is no less or more political than that of the SBNC though. If you think the nonpartisan system is generally a good system and has served the community well over the years, and unless you have some meaningful and constructive criticism to make based on facts that you know are true, please stop trashing the SBNC for being “political” in its decisions just because you are not happy with its slate of candidates. It makes no sense and doesn’t serve the nonpartisan system.

Manos Makrakis Secor Road

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