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May 15, 2021

To the Editor,

I write in proud support of Jim Dugan’s election to the Scarsdale School Board. Jim is one of the School Board Nominating Committee’s two outstanding nominees for this year’s election, and his candidacy presents Scarsdale voters an opportunity to enhance the board’s already considerable strengths.

Jim is a longtime, respected and strong supporter of the Scarsdale Schools. He co-founded the Coalition for Scarsdale Schools approximately 10 years ago and since then has actively and constructively supported and participated in other initiatives to maintain the preeminence of our public schools in New York and the nation. As a result, he is knowledgeable and experienced in matters that are vital to ensuring our schools’ continuing ability to provide students a high quality public education.

Beyond his school-related activities, Jim has earned a well-deserved reputation as a committed and hardworking civic volunteer on other fronts, having served on the Scarsdale Procedure Committee; the Overhill Neighborhood Association, of which he was the president as well as a board member; and the Scarsdale Neighborhood Association Presidents. Jim has also served as a member of the vestry and as a Warden of St. James the Less Church, and he played a leading role as a member of the Church’s Search Committee in its groundbreaking decision in 2016 to appoint a woman, the Rev. Astrid Storm, as its rector.

Jim and I crossed paths while working on the Procedure Committee, and I learned firsthand in that context that he pursues civic work in a spirit of fully engaged volunteerism, preparing extensively for all meetings, respecting others and their points of view, and deciding issues only after thoughtful analysis and careful deliberation. I thus came to know that Jim is a good team player and brings to civic work many very fine skills and abilities which he has developed over years of practice as a lawyer and counselor at one of New York’s leading law firms.

In sum, Jim Dugan is a uniquely well-qualified candidate for election to the Scarsdale School Board. I therefore enthusiastically urge all eligible Scarsdale School District voters to cast their ballots for Jim Dugan and SBNC nominee Jessica Resnick-Ault in the Scarsdale School Board Election on Tuesday, May 18.

Eli R. Mattioli

Drake Road

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