Debra Asher-Zitrin

Why I support SBNC candidate Resnick-Ault for school board


As an 18-year resident of Scarsdale who has seen much leadership come and go, I wholeheartedly support Jessica Resnick-Ault for her candidacy as a member of the Scarsdale Board of Education.

As a young, working, single mom, Jessica has a never-ending can-do attitude. She juggles the demands of a high profile energy journalist with the demands of raising her child and their dog, caring for her home and her huge volunteer commitments. She seems to singlehandedly run a grassroots community service-based organization that provides whatever is needed to the less fortunate.

In the past six years, I have gotten to know Jessica well. She is a driven, creative, hardworking, patient and thoughtful friend and advocate.

We have discussed many issues over the years. Most importantly, if we didn’t agree on a matter we always had respectful dialogues empathizing with each other’s point of view. People need to be heard and we must work together. These are the most important skill sets necessary as a member of the board of education and Jessica embodies the spirit of these ideals.

With these views in mind, I hope you join me and cast your vote for Jessica on May 18.


Nelson Road

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